Oct 28 2021

Locally Fall Highlights

3 New Tools to Help Brick and Mortar Shops Compete Online

By Mike Massey   Founder & CEO

Locally Fall Highlights

This fall, Locally is launching three new tools to help local retailers compete for online shoppers. One will help any-size shop surface their inventory on search and social media sites and then drive shoppers back to a page on their site that offers pickup and delivery. The second big upgrade adds transaction services for stores in Europe, Asia, and Australia. And, lastly, we’re going to empower shops to win the last mile fight with DIY local delivery.

Locally Landing Pages + Local Inventory Ads

In the battle for online shopper engagement, e-commerce merchants have an enormous advantage over their brick and mortar counterparts; there are an unlimited number of tools that feed inventory and landing page information to marketing sites like Google and Facebook.

But, the system for sending LOCAL inventory and LOCAL landing pages (what shoppers see when they click an ad) is completely broken. To compete for an engagement, search and social sites require a single feed that is tied to a store in a specific geographic area (which they will audit) and a page that shoppers in that area can click to in order to complete their transaction.

We’re excited to announce that Locally is now the only company in the world that can do both: feed local inventory and send those clicks to a local landing page.

And, the best part is that our brand and retailer clients can host these pages on their own site (subdomain). Or, they can use Locally Landing Pages to support their best partners on a special area of their site for super-optimizing digital co-op programs with zero leakage.

-------Here’s How It Works-------

Brands or Retailers who want location-specific landing pages can use Locally to install those in a subdomain like: https://stores.arcteryx.com/. Each location then gets its own landing page like: https://stores.arcteryx.com/denver. Each location has a full shopping experience that leads to product pages (PDPs) for that specific store. (These pages are also local search SEO magnets.)

Users are automatically routed to the nearest locations - where they can see specifically what that store has in stock. They can transact with that store via pickup and delivery options (options that can be chosen by store) and they can browse that store’s entire inventory.

Locally also takes the landing page urls and the store-specific inventory and feeds that information to Google, Bing, and Facebook for shoppers on those sites to discover.

And, as mentioned, these pages don’t have to be only for the company-owned stores of the brand. Brands can also have pages and inventory feeds for their best dealers, helping them drive more sales via sophisticated marketing tactics.

Hello Australia, Europe, and Asia

We’ve offered inventory support in over 100 countries for a few years, but this fall we’re launching a much more comprehensive version of our transaction platform (ROPIS/BOPIS) on some new continents.

Kicking off now in Australia and New Zealand and expanding into Asia and Europe over the coming weeks and months, this includes robust language support for both shoppers and shops and closely follows all applicable tax laws in each country.

The original architecture concept for Locally (many stores + many brands) means that any of our clients can utilize our internationalization tools for a tiny fraction of what it would cost to develop internally.

DIY Delivery

Locally is also adding DIY delivery for retailers to the same-day delivery options.

The goal of adding DIY is twofold. First, many of the products that our retailer clients sell are ineligible for delivery by couriers or delivery firms. Having Postmates deliver a bike or kayak is out of the question. So, many stores want to do that themselves.

Secondly, and more forward-looking, we want to help stores avoid being consolidated into the walled gardens of delivery apps. While sales volume for restaurants who offer delivery via various apps is pretty strong, the costs both in fees and commissions for the use of those services can be extraordinarily high.

Instead, Locally will allow merchants to connect to multiple delivery partner options AND include their own DIY delivery as an option. This will allow shops to provide shoppers with multiple delivery choices while checking out while also allowing retailers to make adjustments to how a product is delivered AFTER the order comes in (so that the shop can optimize their own margins).


Lastly, although we've offered this service for over a year, our Ship-to-Store solution is rolling out in a big way with one of our original brand partners, Salomon.

With Salomon’s site2snow program, consumers are paired with a dealer in their area who stocks the product they are looking for, completing their transaction through Salomon.com with the retailer retaining the revenue of the sale. In the event the dealer is out of stock, Salomon will make the product available to ship to the retail partner, giving them a share in the revenue for handling the transaction and providing outstanding service to the product and consumer.


About Mike Massey

Mike is a third-generation specialty retailer and owner of Massey's Outfitters in New Orleans. He pioneered both e-commerce and marketplace sales before realizing that shopper behavior was changing and brick and mortar needed a paradigm shift to keep up. At Locally, Mike is the head of strategy, operations, and partnerships.  View all posts by Mike

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