Aug 04 2021

Crocs taps Locally to connect online shoppers to nearby purchases.

By Barry Schrimsher   Account Executive | Business Development , Mark Strella   VP Platform Services, Support

Crocs is one of the world's most popular and recognizable brands. Their products are available across multiple channels; digital-direct-to-consumer, a sprawling dealer network, and a global array of high-visibility company-owned retail locations. To create a coherent, consumer-facing marketing plan, their goal was to take down silos that separate the different channels and just make it as easy as possible for shoppers to find and buy their products online or off.

In order to give Crocs fans that seamless shopping experience - one that starts with a basic engagement and ends with Crocs on their feet - the team tapped Locally to provide much of the interconnectivity between online and offline shopping as well plus a few popular shopper-facing tools.

Store Locator

For most of our brand clients, one of the most popular pages on their website is the store locator. The user-intent is often clear; shoppers who visit a brand's store locator are usually seeking a place nearby to complete their purchase. Perhaps they want to try them on, make a return, see what's new, or ask a few questions. Locally ensures that shoppers are guided to the best possible nearby location, one that is open, has the right inventory, and perhaps can confirm that the item the customer was looking for is in-stock and even reserved with their name on it.


Locally powers store locators for some of the biggest brands in the world. The system supports stock-browsing, advanced filtering of locations, multiple languages and currencies, and even BOPIS and delivery right inside the tool.

Product Locator

Next, Crocs wanted a way to show that an item is in-stock, nearby when the customer is looking at a particular product. Locally worked with the Crocs team to connect hundreds of stores' inventories to the product pages. Shoppers are able to see the nearby inventory via the Locally Product Finder technology.


If the item is available at a nearby location, the Locally Product Locator can route the shopper to a transaction acceptance tool called Buy It Locally - which handles Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS), Reserve Online, Pay In-Store (ROPIS) or Same Day Delivery.

Locally Landing Pages

Many shoppers will want more information about the local store (including what types of products they have in-stock) before they get in their car and drive there, but they won't necessarily want to leave the Crocs site to get that information. And, it's tricky to merge physical store information and inventory into an e-commerce shopping interface.


Crocs picked Locally Landing Pages to blend the local in-store shopping experience with an online, Crocs-centric user interface. The pages are hosted by Locally on a subdomain ( This allows local inventory and store information to be presented to shoppers in a consistent and SEO-friendly way.

Locally Landing Pages are also SUPER-SEO-friendly, and they are perfect for running local inventory campaigns (SEM) across search and social media channels. Integration with Google's See-What's-In-Store solution is native.


Lastly, to connect the user-facing tools to Crocs' business intelligence systems, Locally deployed SwitchLive, a system that transmits structured data in real-time to Crocs' internal analytics platform.

All together, the comprehensive solution allows Crocs to tie online and offline marketing into a seamless shopping solution that optimizes marketing tactics in real-time.

Up Next

International support across Asia and Europe with regional store integrations, multi-language and currency handling, and global tax reconciliation/remittance.

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